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The following is a list of Covered Parts as determined by the coverage You selected, as indicated on Your Vehicle Service Agreement. For convenience, Covered Parts are listed next to the vehicle systems to which they are related. The vehicle systems listed are NOT Covered Parts.


ENGINE: Cylinder block and cylinder heads and all internally Lubricated Parts ; turbocharger ; supercharger ; harmonic balancer; timing gear, chain and belt ; timing cover ; intake manifolds ; valve covers ; oil pan ; water pump; engine mounts; belt tensioners ; cam gear bolt ; harmonic balancer bolt ; and head bolts.


TRANSMISSION: Transmission case and all internally Lubricated Parts ; torque converter ; flywheel/flex plate ; vacuum modulator and transmission mounts ; transmission cooler ; transmission oil pan ; and Transmission Control Module (TCM).


TRANSFER CASE: Transfer case and all internally Lubricated Parts.


DRIVE AXLE(S): Drive axle housing and all internally Lubricated Parts ; 4X4 actuator ; drive shafts ; universal joints ; constant velocity joints and locking hubs ; center support/carrier bearings ; and differential cover.


AC/HEATING: (Includes only factory installed equipment) Condenser ; compressor ; compressor clutch ; evaporator ; compressor pulley ; accumulator ; drier ; expansion valve ; idler pulley ; A/C controls and module ; heater core ; blower motor ; high/low cut off switch ; and pressure cycling switch.


SUSPENSION: Upper and lower control arm shafts, bearings and bushings ; wheel bearings ; spindles ; ball joints ; king pins and bushings ; radius arm and bushings ; stabilizer bar, arm and bushings ; torsion bars ; hub assembly ; coil springs ; leaf springs ; and suspension level control compressor.


STEERING: Steering gear box/rack and all internally Lubricated Parts ; power steering pump ; pitman arm ; idler arm ; tie rod ends; drag link ; steering column shaft and column couplings.


COOLING: Radiator; cooling fan; cooling fan motor; fan clutch; and coolant recovery tank.


FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel delivery pump ; fuel injection pump ; fuel injectors ; fuel tank ; metal fuel lines ; fuel pressure regulator ; fuel sending unit ; fuel gauge ; air control valve ; engine control module (ECM) and fuel injection sensors.


BRAKE: Master cylinder ; power brake cylinder ; vacuum assist booster ; calipers ; wheel cylinders ; compensating valve ; anti-lock brake sensors; hydraulic lines and fittings; and parking brake actuator.


ELECTRICAL: Alternator/generator; ignition coil; horns; distributor (does not include cap and rotor); starter motor; starter solenoid; starter drive; windshield wiper motors; windshield wiper delay switch; windshield wiper linkage; windshield washer pump; power seat motor; power antenna motor; power window motors and regulators; power door lock actuators; power trunk release actuator; wiring harness; cruise control assembly; ignition lock cylinder; manually operated switches (excluding AC/Heating and audio/video switches); convertible top motor; and driver information gauges (excludes burned out light bulbs). (Original factory installed radio, main speaker system, and single compact

disk/cassette player up to a maximum of three hundred dollars ($300) of repair or replacement cost.)


SEALS and Leaking seals and gaskets on any covered part listed above. Minor loss of fluid such as seepage is considered


GASKETS: normal and is not considered a Breakdown.


HYBRID: Hybrid transaxle, electronic transmission, inverter, generator(s), and electronic display monitor. (Batteries are excluded)


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NAVIGATION FACTORY INSTALLED NAVIGATION SYSTEM - If the Agreement Declaration Page indicates that You marked and SYSTEM: paid for

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