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Full Coverage in that it covers all mechanical components on your vehicle that are not specifically excluded. This plan covers all of your vehicle parts except: Paint, carpet, bright metal, trim, sheet metal, bumpers, body panels, glass, physical damage, molding, upholstery, lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, fuses, circuit breakers, cellular phones, television/VCR/DVD players, game centers, AM/FM radio/cassette/CD players and speakers exceeding three hundred dollar ($300) repair or replacement costs, audio/video equipment, all touch screen and/or voice activated accessories including related display screens and heads up displays on windshields, electronic transmitting/receiving devices, navigation systems, voice recognition systems, remote control consoles, radar detection devices, weather-strips, all exhaust components, the following emission components: purge valve/solenoids/sensors, vacuum canister, vapor return canister, vapor return lines/valves, air pump/lines/valves, emission vapor sensors, gas cap/filler neck, catalytic converter, battery, battery cables/harness, spark plug wires, fan belts, non metallic hoses, distributor cap and rotor, shock absorbers, manual/hydraulic clutch assembly, friction clutch disc and pressure plate, weather strips, trim, outside ornamentation, frame and structural body parts, vinyl and convertible tops, canvas top, any convertible top assemblies, fabric top, fiberglass top, hardware or linkages, tires, wheel/rims, wheel balances, safety restraint systems (including air bags), air and water leaks, wind noise, squeaks, rattles, all maintenance services including alignments, brake pads and shoes, brake rotors and drums, tune ups, coolants, lubricants.


FACTORY INSTALLED NAVIGATION SYSTEM: All manufacturer installed navigation systems are covered if the Contract Registration Page indicates that you purchased this option.

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